So You Want to Refinance: An Insiders Guide to Refinancing Adjustable Rate Mortgages and Home Loans


“A must-have for any home owner looking to refinance” -Terri Williams, Homeowner Are you paying more than you need to? In this book a mortgage lending insider reveals her answer to this question – and more – in her best selling So You Want to Refinance. If you are baffled by the dizzying array of mortgage companies, sales pitches, and loan products, this book is for you. The book walks you through each step of the loan process in easy-to-understand language to help you make an informed decision that’s good for YOU-not for your loan officer. The book explains how to asses and rebuild your credit score, accurately calculate the equity in your home, and how to make sure that you present your situation in the best possible light. More than just an introduction to getting a home loan – this book will show you how to get the best deal possible. This book is a must-have for any current or potential homeowner thinking of refinancing. Key topics include: -Refinancing Adjustable Rate Mortgage

The Mortgage Encyclopedia: The Authoritative Guide to Mortgage Programs, Practices, Prices and Pitfalls, Second Edition


The bestselling one-stop guide to mortgages—updated for the post–housing crisis market! The Mortgage Encyclopedia demystifies all the various mortgage terms, features, and options by offering clear, precise explanations. Fully updated to address the new realities introduced by the housing crisis of 2007, The Mortgage Encyclopedia provides not just a complete description, but also in-depth discussion of the issues that may affect you, whether you’re a homeowner (or homeowner-to-be), real estate agent, loan provider, or attorney. With this handy, comprehensive guide on hand, you have instant access to: Definitions and explanations of common mortgage-related terms, as well as arcane mortgage terminology, listed alphabetically Expert advice on the most pressing issues, such as whether to use a mortgage brokers, the benefits of paying points versus a larger down payment, and the hazards of cosigning a loan The truth about common mortgage myths and misperceptions—and the pitfalls yo

The Complete Guide to Becoming a Successful Mortgage Broker: Insider Secrets You Need to Know


A reliable mortgage broker is in constant demand and never short on business in any economic condition. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the average income of mortgage brokers is ,210. The mortgage brokering business is one of the fastest growing occupations in America today, yet the financial success rate for these new brokers is dismal. It is estimated that less than 30 percent of new mortgage brokers ever become financially successful. Virtually all mortgage brokers are paid strictly on commission, so there is little motivation for the company to help you succeed. You need the proper training to be prepared.

This new book will provide you with a road map to financial success. You will learn how NOT to make the big mistakes most new brokers make, how to put a loan package together, how to find borrowers, how and what to charge, how to guarantee your fee, how to make buyers and sellers happy, and how to quickly and easily locate the best deals for your customers. A

How To Pre-Qualify Yourself For A Mortgage In 5 Easy Steps: Know What You Need to Prove to Get a Loan (Before You Talk to a Lender)


How To Pre-Qualify Yourself For A Mortgage In 5 Easy Steps will give you the knowledge and tools to take control of the loan application process by going into it extremely prepared–by pre-qualifying YOURSELF before you ever meet with a lender.

By doing the simple Action Steps outlined, you will know exactly what you need to prove to get a home loan by performing a basic review of your own data as a lender might. You will also have the knowledge to put together the basic documentation package that most lenders require.

The information in this book will allow you to intelligently steer the process versus going into it like a pledge to a secret society waiting for some word that you’ve been “accepted” based on some unknown (to you) criteria.

The latter describes the unpleasant feeling a lot of people get when they apply for a home loan. It does not have to be that way.

This book is good for first time homebuyers and seasoned p

The Smart First-Time Home Buyer’s Guide: How to Avoid Making First-Time Home Buyer Mistakes


Do you want to avoid making those first-time home buyer mistakes!? Buying a home can be both exciting and overwhelming for all first-time home-buyers. If you have already started the search process, make sure you’re not making some common first-time home-buyer mistakes. Most first-time home-buyers have never gone through the stressful experience of buying a home, and they often have to learn the hard way when buying their first home, but by making only a tiny mistake during the home buying process, it can be extremely costly and frustrating. In this Informative guide, you will discover all common mistakes most first-time buyers make and some of the most important features to look for when buying your first dream home. Here is what you are about to discover.. • Your core priorities when searching a home • Why location is everything for real estate • Things your broker won’t tell you • Tips from some of the top realtors • Buying or renting out your home

The Pocket Mortgage Guide: 60 of the Most Important Questions and Answers About Your Home Loan – Plus Interest Amortization Tab


The “Mortgage Professor” answers critical homemortgage questions This value-packed consumer reference by a nationally syndicated mortgage columnist is indispensable for anyone looking to secure a home mortgage. The Pocket Mortgage Guide answers 50 of the most commonly asked mortgage questions, including: How can I find the lowest-cost lender? Should I choose a 15-year loan or a 30-year loan? What is PMI and how can I cancel it? How large a mortgage will I be able to afford? What will my monthly mortgage payment be? What is a “debt ratio” used for and how is it calculated? What is a home equity line of credit and what should it be used for? The book also provides valuable interest amortization tables and is the perfect resource for home buyers.

Home Buying: Master the Process: Learn the tips and secrets realtors and lenders know!


Dave Van Waldick, is a licensed California Realtor and Mortgage professional, CEO, and published author of a series of books on real estate, wealth planning, and business growth strategies. He has guided more than 1,500 successful home buyers and owners all over the United States to find, finance, and negotiate on their home. Thousands of people have personally asked him to assist them. He has worked at top national banks like Wells Fargo Bank and real estate firms like Keller Williams, as well as owning his own successful brokerage and mortgage Western Realty and Western Mortgage firms for over 20 years. Experienced agents and clients have called him “the best guide ever to this crazy home buying business”. A long-time client Phil Winter, President Winter Insurance Group, told another complaining realtor “Dave Van Waldick has forgotten more about real estate they you will ever know!” Now for the first time—in his first published book —he’s shares in detail

Tips for Women when Buying Your First Home: Getting Started


Home Buying Tips

Getting Started for Beginners

Ladies, this guide is written for the sole purpose of turning female home shoppers, who are often single, into informed, powerful homebuyers. Education and understanding are at the heart of any large acquisition. The purchase of a house is the largest investment most of you will ever make, tying you to a location for years to come, as well as budgeting your finances. It may surprise you that unattached women constitute 20% of first-time property buyers. This number has doubled since the 1980’s and currently outpaces single men, making a similar purchase, by 2 to 1.

As with any significant buy, there is always a degree of uncertainty and stress, but also great excitement and satisfaction…if you’ve done your homework. Too many first-timer’s look back at their home-buying experience through the proverbial lenses of hindsight, sadly invoking “coulda…woulda…shoulda”. This does not need to be

The Everything Homebuying Book: How to buy smart — in any market..Determine what you can afford…Explore your mortgage options…Find a home that matches your needs


The good news: It’s a buyer’s market and interest rates are down. The bad news: It’s tougher to get credit and qualify for an affordable mortgage.In this volatile market, you need to arm yourself with as much information as you can get. This book takes you through each step of buying a home and will show you how to:Choose the right house, condo, co-op, or vacation home.Analyze mortgage rates, property values, and market trends.Work with agents, brokers, lawyers, and lenders.And more! Whether you’re purchasing your first home or your fourth, this updated guide walks you through your biggest purchase with expert advice you can trust. This edition also includes completely new material on loans to avoid, how to determine if a house is overpriced, and avoiding foreclosure.

Home Buying For Dummies, 4th Edition


Now updated — America’s #1 bestselling home-buying book!Want to buy a house, but concerned about the market? Have no fear — this trusted guide arms you with Eric Tyson and Ray Brown’s time-tested advice and updated strategies for buying a home in current market conditions. You’ll discover how to find the right property, make smart financial decisions, and understand the latest lending requirements and tax implications.New to this edition — new and expanded coverage to help homebuyers take advantage of low home prices, understand the subprime mortgage crisis, obtain a mortgage, and improve credit scoresTo buy or not to buy? — weigh the advantages of owning versus renting, get your finances in order, and know how much house you can safely affordHandle financing — understand your credit rating, navigate the different types of mortgages, and complete all paperworkPlay the real estate game — find the right location and property, assemble an all-star real estate team, and make th